Rev. Dr. John Caswell Roper Sr., 18731958 (aged 84 years)

Rev. Dr. John Caswell /Roper/ Sr.
Name prefix
Rev. Dr.
Given names
John Caswell
Name suffix
19th President of the United States
Rutherford B Hayes
March 4, 1877 (aged 3 years)
20th President of the United States
James A Garfield
March 4, 1881 (aged 7 years)
21st President of the United States
Chester A Arthur
September 19, 1881 (aged 7 years)
22nd President of the United States
Grover Cleveland
March 4, 1885 (aged 11 years)
23rd President of the United States
Benjamin Harrison
March 4, 1889 (aged 15 years)
24th President of the United States
Grover Cleveland
March 4, 1893 (aged 19 years)
25th President of the United States
William McKinley
March 4, 1897 (aged 23 years)
26th President of the United States
Theodore Roosevelt
September 14, 1901 (aged 27 years)
School or college: Wofford College
Address: 429 N Church St, Spartanburg, SC 29303
Bachelor of Science
1903 (aged 29 years)
School or college: College of Charleston
Address: 66 George St, Charleston, SC 29424
27th President of the United States
William Howard Taft
March 4, 1909 (aged 35 years)
28th President of the United States
Woodrow Wilson
March 4, 1913 (aged 39 years)
29th President of the United States
Warren G Harding
March 4, 1921 (aged 47 years)
30th President of the United States
Calvin Coolidge
August 2, 1923 (aged 49 years)
31st President of the United States
Herbert Hoover
March 4, 1929 (aged 55 years)
32nd President of the United States
Franklin D Roosevelt
March 4, 1933 (aged 59 years)
33rd President of the United States
Harry S Truman
April 12, 1945 (aged 71 years)
34th President of the United States
Dwight D Eisenhower
January 20, 1953 (aged 79 years)
Family with Edith Bull Moseley
Rev John Caswell Roper, Sr.
Birth: November 4, 1873Marlboro County, South Carolina, USA
Death: October 19, 1958Spartanburg County, South Carolina, USA
Birth: February 6, 1875Orangeburg County, South Carolina, USA
Death: July 14, 1963Union County, South Carolina, USA

It is not surprising that the subject of this sketch, Rev. John C. Roper, is a thoroughgoing Methodist. His paternal grandfather was acknowledged by three Presiding Elders to be the best Steward they had ever seen. He was also a Sunday School Superintendent and no man was ever more loyal to his Church. The subject's father, Mr. John Thomas Roper, was also a thorough Methodist, but not so active in church work. He was a successful merchant, but died at the age of thirty-eight years. His great-grandmother was a Miss McLaurin, and came to this country from Scotland. His mother was Miss Martha Angeline (Heustess) Roper. The father was of English and Scotch descent, and the mother was of English and Welsh descent.

Brother Roper was born near Clio, S.C., November 4, 1873. When he was only five years old, his mother died, leaving only two children, the other child being now the wife of Rev. R. A. Child, of South Carolina Conference. Young Roper attended school in his native community, dividing his time between the school, the store, and the farm, until he was sixteen years old. After the death of his father, he farmed on his own account, until the fall of 1892. He entered Wofford College, where he remained till June, 1896, when he graduated. Soon after commencement, he was appointed supply the work at Swansea, filling out an unexpired pastorate of another.

Brother Roper was converted in August, 1892. The change was after the manner of the old-time conversions, changing the whole current of his life. Two months later, he was at Wofford College, as stated above, feeling that there was a larger life for him. Two years later, the Divine call, clear and unmistakable, came to him, and he was licensed to preach. In December, 1896, he was received on trial, into the Conference, with Sidi B. Harper, D. W. Kellar, W. C. Kirkland, F. H. Shuler, Foster Speer and W. H. Thrower. Mr. Roper was ordained Deacon by Bishop W. W. Duncan, in Greenwood, in 1898, and was ordained Elder by Bishop Jos. S. Key, at Orangeburg, in 1899.

He has served as follows: Union Mills, Spartanburg District, 1897-8; Greers Circuit, 1899-1901; Spring Street, Charleston, 1902-4; Darlington Station, 1905-6; Abbeville Station, 1907; Cokesbury District, 1908-11; Chester Station, 1912-14. He is a zealous pastor and popular preacher.

On June 14, 1898, Brother Roper was married to Miss Edith Moseley, of Orangeburg, S. C. They have six children—John Caswell, Jr., Sheldon Moseley, Rufus Child, Julian Westfield, Charles Pinckney and Margaret Frances.

Mr. Roper took his A. M. degree at Wofford in 1903, and the B. S. degree from College of Charleston, in 1903.

He was President of the South Carolina Epworth League Con¬ference for three years; was a member of the Board of Missions for four years; and was a member of the Committee of Examination for the first year, from 1907 to 1908.

Twentieth Century Sketches of the South Carolina Conference, M.E. South by Rev. Watson B. Duncan, A.M. Columbia, SC The State Company, 1914 Pages 355-56